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You could become a Special Agent or Uber-Hacker.

It’s as EASY as 123:

1. Just send the Director an email at or click CONTACT

2. Tell him that you would like to be a Special Agent or an Uber-Hacker and what your Code Name would be and the pic you would like on your card if you win.

3. You will be entered into the drawing. (1 entry per person please)

c77c78If your name is drawn you will become a Special Agent or Uber-Hacker in an upcoming set of cards.  We will put your picture and special Code Name as a Special Agent or Screen Name as an Uber-Hacker on a card.  You will be given a cool special ability on your very own card just like Special Agent Sparky or Uber-Hackers Swish and Brainiac.

You will also recieve a free deck of CiaCyberOps cards with your Special Agent or Uber-Hacker card inside to show all your friends.

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