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Ever wanted to go back into your discard pile and get that Interrupt back?

Did you ever wish you could hire your opponent’s Uber-Hacker away from them and have them work for you?

At CiaCyberOps we know you have great ideas about how to make this game way more interesting. NOW YOU CAN!!

Send the Director an Email at and tell him your amazing card ideas. Before the next set comes out he (or she) will choose at least one of them and make a special card just for you.

One lucky entrant will get their picture and code name on this card to let the world know who created it. If more than one Hacker sends us the same idea we will randomly draw a name.

You will also receive a FREE deck of CiaCyberOps cards with your card inside to show all of your friends.

We’ll list your Idea on Facebook here:

and keep it on file….

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