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Welcome to the world of CiaCyberOps.

130This is your portal to Top Secret adventures.  In this game you will learn how to be a top level computer hacker. You will either hire yourself out to the Covert Intelligence Agency, a Super Secret Global spy agency dedicated to keeping the world free from the clutches of criminal organizations like Anarchy and the Illuminati, or you will sign on to overthrow order and stability by hacking government computers in order to take over the world.

CIA CyberOps TM is an expandable card game. In a starter deck you will get three computer cards and fifty or so Operation, Program, Event, Effects, Agents and other cards; everything you need to do cyber-battle against your friend’s decks.Once you have learned how to play then you can expand your deck with cool new Card by customizing it for even better, faster, more exciting play.

The object of the game is to program your three computers (represented by cards) before your enemies program theirs while at the same time sabotaging your opponents with nasty programs like viruses and worms.

c252In front of you place your three computer cards face up. On each of them is a target number. The current code of each computer starts at zero and is kept track of by using counters of any type, (coins, chips, dice, and even paper and pencil).

On your turn you will play Operations that affect the current code of yours or your opponent’s computers. For example: You have in your hand an Operation: Basic card that reads, “Add 3 code counters to any computer.” If you decide to play this card simply choose a target computer, any computer either yours or an opponent’s, and add 3 counters to it. When the number of counters on a computer equals the target number printed on the card then that computer is successfully programmed. Whoever programs all three of their computers first wins.

c27Sounds easy doesn’t it? But wait, your opponents will try to thwart you be sending nasty viruses and worms to your computers. These are programs that affect the number of counters on your computers, sometimes causing your computers to go haywire and shut down. You can protect your computers with other programs like Antivirus protection and Firewalls.

The real fun begins when you realize you can customize your decks in endless varieties. Some Agents specialize in relentless attacks on their opponents while others focus on protecting and programming their computers. Some rely on Agents, Special Agents and specialized Hardware to win the day. Still others put together complex strategies using many different ideas.

Become a CIA agent today. Join the fun your country needs you.









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